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Summary for April 10, 2016

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Dear Folks -

I have no idea how many “self help” books are published annually. My guess is that the number is in the thousands. People who buy them are looking for something they feel they are lacking. One of the questions religions are designed to answer is, “What must I do to be saved?” The sought after “salvation” can be something off in the distant future or obtaining “peace of mind” here and now. Though people who have attained the status of “being” - beyond mere functioning in life - are busy doing many things, just aping what they do wont get anyone where they are. The complex reason for this, and by “complex” I mean “non-dual,” is that we already have that for which we are seeking.

That’s the gist of the talk I offered in Ordinary Life this week. Unless you prepared for the talk by reading the particular saying from the Gospel of Thomas on which it is based, I think you will be surprised by how it begins.

You’ll find the text of the talk,the presentation slides and audio version by using the links below.

I’ll remind you that there is an Ordinary Life Happy Hour this Friday.

Be well and much love,

Bill Kerley

To download or read the text of the talk click here.

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