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Summary for May 22, 2016

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Dear Folks -

We live in a time of darkness, ignorance and illusion. This is not being histrionic. It is a fact. Karen Armstrong says we live in the Second Axial Age, a time of momentous change and opportunity. Our task is to stay awake. If we do so we will live in a state of constant amazement and perpetual gratitude. Rather than despair, my contention is that this is a great time to be alive.

I elaborate on these points in the “life talk” I offered in Ordinary Life this week. Plus, I ended with one of my all time favorite stories about waking up and transformation. The story’s punch line is: “What the hell are we going to do, Largo?"

That is the gist of the talk offered in Ordinary Life this week. The audio version is more elaborate than the written text. You’ll find the text of the talk, the presentation slides and audio version using the links below

Be well and much love,

Bill Kerley

To read or download the text of the talk click here

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