What Are You Looking For? Shopping? Or, Just Looking Around

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Summary for September 4, 2016

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Dear Folks -

The title of the talk I offered in Ordinary Life this week was -

What Are You Looking For? Shopping? Or, Just Looking Around?

A deep hunger causes us to read something like you are reading now or to attend a gathering like Ordinary Life. The anxieties we have about undertaking such work are two-fold: First, we fear that nothing will happen. It will be a waste of time and energy, we won’t get anything out of it, etc. The other anxiety we have is that something will happen. We fear that we will have to take up something that discomforts us or, worse, have to put something down that we hold dear. There is no transformational path from any tradition that does not have its own version of: “if you to have life, you must be willing to lose it."

That’s a brief summary of the talk.

The complete text of the talk, the presentation slides and audio version can be found using the links below.

Be well and much love,

Bill Kerley

To read or download the text of the talk, click here.

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