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Summary for June 18, 2017

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Dear Folks -

In the talk I offered in Ordinary Life this week I had three goals. First, I wanted to contribute to religious literacy by giving a picture of Jesus as the first century Palestinian Jew that he was. Second, I wanted to interpret a specific teaching of his about “belonging.” Third, I wanted to offer something practical, not that the first two points aren’t extremely practical in my mind, that would contribute insight and motivation toward our willingness and ability to redefine the human “family.” If we can do this, we can contribute our part to overcoming the divisiveness that seems to be wrecking our various worlds.

The title of the talk is -

There Has To Be A Better Way To Build a World That Is Better For All of Us

You can read the text from which I spoke, find the presentation slides and the audio version of the talk using the links below. The audio version is somewhat different from the print version.

If you are reading this, I want you to know how grateful I am for and to you.

Be well and much love,

Bill Kerley

To read or download the text of the talk, click here.

To view the presentation slides, click here.

To download or listen to the audio version of the talk, use the link below.