The Death and Resurrection of Religion

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Summary for November 18, 2018

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Dear Folks -

“Michael Dowd hit one home run after another.” That was just one of the comments I heard after Michael Dowd’s Saturday time with those who gathered to hear him speak. His overall theme was “the future is calling us to greatness.” At one point even he acknowledged that taking in all of the information he was offering was like “trying to drink from a fire hose.” It was an enormously intense time.

For me, the talk he did on Sunday was his best. He gave it the title -

The Death and Resurrection of Religion

There is no text of the talk available but the audio of the talk and the presentation slides are available using the links before. His ability to reinterpret traditional religious language into understandable and relevant terms focused on creating a viable future is most helpful and encouraging. I am grateful we were able to have this experience.

Thank you to all of the people who worked so hard and gave so generously of their time and energy to make this event happen.

If you are reading this, I want you to know how grateful I am for and to you.

Be well and much love,

Bill Kerley

You can listen to or download the audio version of the talk and view of download the presentation slides by using the links below.