A Cosmological Conversation

Dear Folks,

There is no text version of the presentation made by myself and Holly Hudley on December 23. You can, using the links below either listen to or view the presentation. We called it -

A Cosmological Conversation

Holly and I talked together about how recent discoveries about the nature of our cosmos are causing us to rethink everything. Holly, who is working on an advanced degree in “Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness,” talked about the need for a new and more metaphorical language and understanding in our effort to describe “spiritual matters.” We spoke also about the need for openness and honesty in raising questions about what are considered traditional “religious categories.” I hope you take the time either to listen or view that conversation.

I also hope that you have a safe and renewing time during the remainder of these holidays. These are hard times for many people on this planet. Harder than most of us can imagine. Though I will continue to speak to the theme I have this year - Living Between The “No-Longer” and the “Not-Yet” - I will be using a different umbrella phrase: “It’s About Time.”

That phrase contains so much: The life we seek and hope for is about time - being present. It is also about time that we both question and change policies and practices that have created and continue to contribute to “the mess we are in” both as a culture and a globe. This is what I will be elaborating on as we go forward through 2019. I look forward to seeing you with Ordinary Life resumes next year.

In the mean time, may peace, love, hope, joy, patience and humility grace our lives and may we, in turn, grace the lives of others.

I am pleased to announce that Ordinary Life is now live-streamed every Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. Central Time. If you are unable to attend in person or live away from Houston, simply go to the Ordinary Life web site, www.ordinarylife.org. On the main page the second menu item is “Live Stream.” By clicking on that you will be able to watch the class as it is happening. I am very grateful to Tim Leatherwood for making this magic happen. Thanks also to William Budge who runs the camera.

Be well and much love,

Bill Kerley

In order to listen to or download the audio and/or watch the video versions of the presentation, use the links below.