The UniverSe Contains US: A love story in 3 parts

This week's guest speaker was Holly Hudley, who spoke on the connection between cosmology and spirituality as well as the wider connection between the expanding outer space and our expanding inner space. It's a story about belonging, relationship, and the role each and every one of us plays in this evolving universe. Thanks you for visiting us, whether online or in person! Be well and see you next week!  Bill

Hi! Happy Earth Day!

I want to tell y’all a story in three parts. It’s a love story about us and the stars and the big wide cosmos. I’ve been studying and reading a lot about cosmology, and like most little kids do at some point, I have totally fallen in love with outer space. To the point where I think I want to be an astronaut when I grow up.

We live on this really amazing planet that continually creates and connects and sustains life. It’s held in balance by its relationship to everything around it as well as everything on it. But I think in order to appreciate it, we need to step wayyyy back and get some perspective. I’m going take us on a little audio visual journey to engage our imaginations about our shared belonging with each other and the wider universe. Richard Rohr wrote in a recent meditation: In 1929, astronomer Edwin Hubble published his findings that revealed the universe was expanding. Many began to imagine that if the biggest frame of reference—the cosmos—was still unfolding, then maybe that is the pattern of everything. 

I want to connect the expanding outer space to our expanding inner space, and add a third layer that I’ll call negative space as the thing that straddles the two. These three layers are all distinct as well as fluid and entangled.

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