The Sin of Certainty

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Summary for April 7, 2019

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Dear Folks -

In the talk I offered in Ordinary Life this week I talked some about our experience at the most recent Richard Rohr Conference we attended in Albuquerque. The featured speakers were Richard Rohr, John Dominic Crossan and Jacqui Lewis. All three were outstanding. I called this talk -

The Sin of Certitude - Becoming an “Opti-Mystic”

I am using the questions Jesus asked, in as chronological order as possible, to guide me in creating the talks I offer in Ordinary Life. I am also referencing the events of our time - specifically right now the crisis in the Methodist church about full acceptance of all people at all levels in the church. One of the lines I got from John Dominic Crossan is that “if we practice distributive justice, peace will take care of itself.” What traps the ego, and institutions have egos, is the need to be certain about things. The question Jesus asked - “Why are you so afraid?” - was designed to expose how we create both God and our religious beliefs to fit our own thinking. Faith is not about beliefs. Faith is about trust.

That is a very brief summary of the talk.

You can read or download the text from which I spoke, view the presentation slides, listen to the audio of the talk and/or watch the video of the talk using the links below.

If you are reading this, I want you to know how grateful I am for and to you.

Be well and much love,

Bill Kerley

To read or download the text of the talk, click here.

To view or download the presentation slides, click here.

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