Being Profoundly Disturbed by Great Joy

Dear Folks -

Several people asked me after this talk to recommend books about dreams and their interpretation. Two immediately came to mind: “Dreams: God’s Forgotten Language” by John Sanford and “Inner-Works” by Robert Johnson. Either or both are helpful.

The reason for these requests was because I used in this talk a powerful and disturbing dream I had over twenty-five years ago that profoundly affected the course of my life. Our task, once we have met our survival needs, is to grow in compassion and joy. We cannot experience this growth if we do not recognize those denied and repressed aspects of ourselves and bring them out into the open so that we may own them rather than being owned by them. I called the talk -

Being Profoundly Disturbed by Great Joy

I believe that the audio version of the talk is better then the text.

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