Justice is Love in Action


Ordinary Life summary for the week of July 28, 2019

Wow. What an incredible time to have spent with Dr. Cleve Tinsley. I could have talked with him all day! Someone said to me after class, “There are times when a new door in the psyche is opened, and you didn’t know it was there, but now we get a chance to walk through.” Thanks for being willing to walk through the door, folks.

The full quote from which Cleve spoke about community and justice is:

“Justice is how love manifests itself in relationship to another person. If people in any social context are not striving for equity and justice among each other then one has a right to question that community’s understanding of love.”

May we all look deeply at how we DO justice and equity in the communities in which we operate. Invite wisdom and light to pour into the spaces where we can grow and that, my friends, is an act of fierce love.

Be well and much love, Holly

To read the written text of the talk, click HERE.

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Below is the schedule of the speakers coming to ProjectCURATE this fall. I encourage you to check them out.