The Truth is Knocking at the Door: Let's Open It

Dear folks,

It is such a gift to have the types of conversations we get to have in Ordinary Life. It’s a safe, compassionate, open space where we can explore life’s important questions. When we consider how we have participated in, benefitted from, or been harmed by domination systems, it can bring up a LOT. Getting conscious about it and seeing it from that vantage point is like seeing with new eyes. We called our talk “The Truth is Knocking at the Door: Let’s Open It” to issue a community invitation to open up to the truth together. When we consider practicing religion in light of the new cosmology, if we truly believe it all belongs, our practices must be inclusive and based in that reality. We’re in new territory, and we are so lucky to be exploring it together.

As always, thank you for being with us on Sunday. Bill will be gone through August 4th, so I hope you will join Holly and a few guests throughout July! We are so grateful for your presence.

Be well and see you next Sunday!

Bill & Holly

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