Justice for Our Neighbors

Manne Favor

Manne Favor

Ordinary Life summary for the week of August 4, 2019

Dear Friends -

Thanks so much for joining Manne Favor in Ordinary Life last Sunday. Learning about the work JFON does could not come at a more appropriate time. Following the mass shooting in El Paso, driven by hatred and fear of Latino Immigrants, it is more important than ever to learn of organizations showing compassion and care to immigrant populations. Often the reasons people leave home to come to a foreign land are driven by violence, abuse, famine and poverty. Immigrants come seeking hope. If you are so inclined, click here to read Warsan Shire’s poem Home to get a bit of insight into the complex pain of immigration.

What I took away from Manne’s talk is the idea of radical hospitality that commands us to “love our neighbors AS ourselves.” This is, as they say, the golden rule. Please consider going to JFON’s website to learn more about what they do (http://www.jfonhouston.org/home). And if you’d like to support their work and get some exercise, consider running on their behalf in one of the upcoming races (http://www.jfonhouston.org/events).

Click HERE to read the text from which Manne spoke.

You may also listen to the audio of his talk by clicking the link below.

To watch the video of Manne’s presentation, use the player below.