Healing the Divide: How to Stop Suffering from a Case of Mistaken Identity

Summary for September 15, 2019

* * *

Dear Friends,

Bill & I so love doing these talks together and your presence makes it even more fun. We keep threatening to do this, but someday, we will just sit up there, press play, and give you a recording of the funny and tangential and deep conversations we have in the process of prepping.

Healing division is both a job to do within and between. When we get “caught up” in tribal or egoic identity, we miss the copse of oak trees for focusing on the single acorn. Our identity is in both. Cosmologically speaking, differentiation seeks communion. In the words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, complexity leads to more unity. It is not something to believe in, but something to participate in. It is our nature, and we have the capacity for conscious choice to do so or not. To be in unity, we must to the difficult work of looking at where we are separate, both from ourselves and from others. How lucky are we to have the community of our class to navigate life together! Thank you for all you bring! Below you will find the link to the video I tried (unsuccessfully) to show, “How Wolves Change Rivers.” I encourage you to check it out. Not only are the wolves howling a soulful sound, but it bears an important message.

Have a great week, and see you next Sunday! With love, Holly & Bill

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