Always We Begin Again

A few weeks ago, in the talk "Being Seen, Heard, Cherished," I mentioned the book, "Always We Begin Again." This little book has been part of my life for nearly twenty years. You can read the full story of how it came into my life in that talk. I encourage you to do so.

Recently I purchased the revised edition, of this book.

I am mentioning it here because frequently people ask what they might have as a resource for daily reading. After I first got this book, I read a page or two of it every day for several years. Then, I got out of the habit - for whatever reason.

My recent repurchasing of it has gotten me back in the habit of reading a page or two of it every morning. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you consider doing this as well. The book comes in either paperback or e-book edition. I find that having it on my device insures that I am more likely to read it than not.

Suggestion: Why not get a copy and try reading in it every day for a month. My wager is that you will add it to your life and it will add life to you.