Key Players

There are many people who work very hard not only to provide the excellent musical offerings St. Paul's experiences in our worship services but also to have labored so hard to make this Edinburgh venture happen. Two of these I want to highlight are our Organist/Choir Director Dr. Paolo Bordingnon and our Organist Ken Coleman.

Dr. Bordignon came to St. Paul's in March of 2014. He has received critical acclaim for performances ranging from "outstanding . . . lively and distinctive" interpretations of early music to "compelling" performances of avant-grade repertoire throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. His diverse engagements have included recitals at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and St. Eustache in Paris, a performance for New York Fashion Week, and conducting appearances on NBC's Today Show. To read more about him click here.


Ken Coleman has served as organist for St. Paul's for well over a generation. Kenny, as he is know by choir and church members alike, brings an intense spiritual dimension to the worship of the church. This is evident every time he plays for worship services and accompanies the choir. Kenny has accompanied the choir on a series of international venues. The picture shown here is Kenny at the organ at the Ely Cathedral in Ely England.

The choir has sung at Westminster Abbey, York Minster, St. Paul's in London, Washington Cathedral, St. Thomas in New York, Ely Cathedral, Cambridge and a morning worship service at City Road Chapel, considered the mother church of Methodism.
These invitations certainly testify to the quality of the choir's singing. They also are rooted in the leadership provided by Paolo Bordignon and Ken Coleman.