Trapped in Freedom

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A number of years ago I went to to Marcus Borg after one of his lectures and said, "Marcus, I want you to know that I plagiarize - err, I mean use - your stuff a lot." His response was an enthusiastic, "Borrow freely, borrow freely." That was his way of encouraging the spread of religious and spiritual literacy.


Some of you have asked about using some of the presentation slides I use in Ordinary Life. Borrow freely, borrow freely. 


By the way, the presentation slides for this week include several more optical illusions than were actually shown in class. Check them out.


Also, if you are looking for jokes and puns to use in your own presentations or for your own amusement, check out the joke section of my website. I update it regularly. The site is simply 


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This week in Ordinary Life I talked about how essential it is for us to move into non-dual mind to apprehend the truths of the spiritual journey. I called the talk -


Trapped in Freedom


If that sounds paradoxical, contradictory and mystical; it is.


The full text I spoke from is below. The audio version and the presentation slides can be found on the Ordinary Life website.


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Bill Kerley


To download the text in pdf format click here. 
Download Summary


To download the presentation slides click here. 
Download 12:9:12 - Trapped In Freedom


To download the audio click here. Download 20121209 - Mp3