An R-Rated Religion

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In this "life talk" I describe the theories of ego and self development that are part of the current psychological understanding. Some keen observers of the human scene say that the majority of adults in our society are arrested at a late adolescent stage of development. Hence, our interest in and preoccupation with sex and violence.


If we know the stages of moral and spiritual development, we at least have a road map for what it means to fulfill the life principle of psychological and spiritual growth.


As is often the case, the talk I gave deviates somewhat from the text. Nonetheless, the full text that I spoke from is below. As usual, the slides and the audio version can be found on the Ordinary Life website.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To download text in pdf format click here Download 5:6:12 Summary


To download slides in pdf format click here  Download 5:6:12 - R-Rated Religion


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