Recipe for Religion: Season to Taste

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Summary of October 20, 2013


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Dear Folks -


All of the handouts and audio version of the talks given by Dr. Paul Jones during the recent lectureship are available on the Ordinary Life website. He is author of the book "The Seven Deadly Secrets of the Church."


The title of the talk I offered in Ordinary Life this week is


Recipe for Religion:


Season to Taste


All religions are human constructs. The overwhelming tendency through history is for religions to be constructed to reflect and revere the values of the culture rather than attempting to mold the culture into a place of nurture and respect. The great spiritual teachers, like Jesus, said such religions were worthless.


If we are going to create a wise and useful religion it must reflect values like love, compassion, justice, peace-making, forgiveness and inclusiveness.


The complete text can be found, along with the presentation slides and audio version using the links below.


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Bill Kerley


To download the complete text click here 
Download 10:20:13 - Complete Text


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Download 10:20:13 - Recipe for Religion


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