Continuing Spiritual Education

If you have heard me speak or read any of my posts, you are well aware that one of the things I mention on a regular basis is the importance of having a daily spiritual practice. My current definition of "spiritual practice" is anything that helps us deepen our awareness of and connection with "Sacred Mystery."

"Sacred Mystery" is the phrase I prefer to use rather than the word "God." For most people the word "God" calls up an image, more often than not, of a old white guy off sitting somewhere. The human brain is incapable of embracing a "definition" or "understanding" of God.

Ilia Delio, and you can look her up on YouTube and listen to some of her lectures, reminds us that the cosmos is 13.8 billion years old and that the radius of the known universe is 81 billion light years. You can't get your mind around that. But, we need a "god" big enough for it.

At any rate, people, frequently ask me how they might undertake having a spiritual practice. One suggestion I want to make in this post is that you check out the website of Spirituality and Practice. Here you will find a wealth of suggestions of growing in emotional and spiritual intelligence. I'm sure you will find something of value.