Reclaiming Jesus

A few weeks ago, I'm writing this the middle of June, 2018, I was visiting a friend of mine in California. He gave me a copy of a statement of faith that had been issued by an impressive group of religious leaders in the United States. I quoted it at length in a talk that I gave in Ordinary Life on June 3. I invite you to go to the podcast menu and locate that talk. The talk is called "Developing Faith In a Time of Crisis."

We are in a crisis in this country. Divisive rhetoric abounds from both political and religious arenas. Those with the largest megaphones are those getting the attention. This statement of faith also deserves attention. I invite you to read it and, more important, pass it on to others. Use it for a discussion guide in small groups.

If you would like to download and print this out, click here.

Reclaiming Jesus.jpg