Question Everything! Even This

Dear Folks -


 The title I gave the "life talk" I gave in Ordinary Life this past week was -


"Question Everything! Even This"


Our culture, which is clearly troubled, lures and seduces us into seeking "easy and comfortable" answers. If we keep doing this, we will keep getting the same sad outcomes we are getting.


This talk was partly inspired by something Jim Wallis wrote about the ninth anniversary of the war in Iraq. I quote him at length.


Then I look back at what was going on in this country in the 60s.


Looking back we can usually clearly see how "mistakes" and misjudgments were made. Sadly, we don't seem to be able to use this matter of perspective to change the direction we move into the future.


This section of the talk is partly my response to the tragic shooting in Connecticut.


I end with two bits: The Hidden Camera episode that reveals the inherent wisdom we all have and a story of Morgan Freeman's mother telling him that the best news in the world can be contained in an eight note scale on the piano.


The full text I spoke from is below.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


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