Lateral Thinking

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I have had an interest in combining spirituality and psychology for almost all of my life - since being a teenager. I've been most fortunate that I've been able to pursue this interest since then. The discipline of giving the talks I do benefits me greatly.


I not only get to speak weekly in the Ordinary Life Gathering but also I receive invitations to speak to other group. Many invitations have come from religiously oriented groups - churches, retreats, hospital chaplains, pastoral counselors, etc. Recently I've noticed that such invitations are beginning to come from more psychological oriented group.


Recently, I was asked to give such a talk to the Houston Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. I have posted the text from which I spoke, the presentation slides and the handout I used on my own website. You can go to the page "Hidden in Plain Sight" to download these items. Go to  


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The title of the talk I gave in Ordinary Life this week is "Invisible Loyalties." More often than not we unconsciously adopt beliefs about the world, ourselves and others in the first few years of our lives. Though we remain unconscious of these matters, they rule - and often, ruin - our lives. In the field of systems psychology these unconscious "vows" are called "invisible loyalties." In order to be truly free we must become aware of these loyalties and cut ourselves loose from them. This "leaving home" is the beginning of the spiritual journey and it is most difficult thing any of us ever do. Further, it is not something we do "once and for all." We have to keep at it all of the journey.


That's a brief summary of the talk.


Go to the Ordinary Life website to download the audio, text and presentation slides.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To download a copy of the text click here Download 8:19:12 - Summary


To download a copy of the presentation slides click here  Download 8:19:12 - Lateral Thinking


To download the audio of the talk click here  Download 20120819 MP3