Spiritual Fruits, Not Religious Nuts!

Summary of September 1, 2013


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Dear Folks -


Every wise and useful spiritual tradition I know anything about teaches that we are not to judge. This is a key teaching in Buddhism and certainly in the teaching of Jesus. It is a difficult practice but working at it contributes to psychological and spiritual health.


Yet, another one of Jesus teachings is "by their fruits you will know them." Certainly this appears to involve judging. How are we to know what "good fruits" are and doesn't this involve us in making judgments about others?


What I teach is that we are called to be who we truly are and that in doing so we "bear good fruits." There is nothing we can do to be. If we can understand that then we can talk about the kinds of things that people busy being, do.


That's the talk in summary. The complete text, presentation slides and audio can be found using the links below. 


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Bill Kerley


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