The Wound of Love with Michael Butera

Summary of September 8, 2013


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Dear Folks -


This week in Ordinary Life we were privileged to hear Michael Butera speak. The title he gave his talk is "The Wound of Love." There is no text of the talk but the audio is available using the link below.


Before introducing Michael I gave out information about an upcoming lecture series that will be held October 11 - 13. At that time Dr. Paul Jones, author of "The Seven Deadly Secrets of the Church" will be presenting lectures on Friday night, Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning. The lectures are free but we are requesting that those who want to attend register their desire by calling 713-528-0527. That way we will know how many people to setup for. If you want lunch, there is a $7 charge.


I also introduced the church-wide educational emphasis leading up to Mitzvah Day on Saturday, October 5. On that day the goal is to assemble 120,000 meals to be distributed to those in need. More information can be found on St. Paul's website. 


The remarks I made about this emphasis can be found using the "complete text" link below. The presentation slides I used and audio of Michael's talk can be found using the links below.


Much love,


Bill Kerley


To download the complete text click here
Download 9:8:13 - Complete text


To listen to the audio of Michael Butera's talk click here Download 09082013


To view the presentation slides click here
Download 9:8:13 - Radical Giving