The Francis Factor - Part II

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Summary for November 15, 2015

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Dear Folks -

If you have been reading or listening to the talks I offer in Ordinary Life for any period of time, you are aware what a powerful and energizing impact Sister Dr. Ilia Delio has had on my life and teaching. I first heard her well over a year ago at a Richard Rohr Conference. Thirteen of us returned this year to hear both her and Shane Claiborne. It has long been a dream of mine to have her come to Houston to speak. I began corresponding with her some many weeks ago in an effort to achieve this goal.

One of the things she speaks about is what she calls “divine entanglement.” Everything is connected. On Friday my own spiritual director assigned to me a book by Dr. Delio I had not heard of - “Ten Evenings With God.” That night I got an e-mail from Ilia inquiring about dates to come to Houston. We began that negotiation process.

On Sunday, while Dr. Randy Zercher was presenting his understanding of Ilia’s theory of “divine entanglement,” I received an e-mail from her accepting a date. Wow! The date is in November of next year and there are many details to work out. We will be partnering with the Hines Center for Spirituality in this event. More details to following. I just wanted to let you know of this, to me, major event in our future together.

This week in Ordinary Life Dr. Randy Zercher continued with his teachings based on his response to the conference several of us attended this year. His general topic is “The Francis Factor.” This week’s talk is titled -

Creation: Cosmology, Evolution and Quantum Mechanics.

You can read the text of the talk, view the presentation slides and listen to the talk by using the links below.

Be well, and much love.

Bill Kerley

To read the text of the talk click here

To view the presentation slides click here

To listen to the audio of the talk use the link below.